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SDBP Ambassador/Representativ

To represent us as SDBP ambassador, it is of course required that you are first and foremost a member of us with your dojo or as a personal member and that you paid your membership fee.
This means that only paying members can become ambassadors.

As an ambassador, your main task is to promote SDBP for new members and be contactable for questions about the organization. You can also work as a quality agent in the SDBP quality program for dojo and gym after internal training. You can represent us for a country or part of a country. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SDBP family contact us here and tell us who you are.

jorgen Ambassador for Gothenburg-Sweden- General International Ambassador
Jörgen Lindberg
Contact Jörgen here
jim Ambassador for Kristianstad-Sweden
Jim Kamen
magnus Ambassador for Närke Area-Sweden
Magnus Hansson
  Ambassador for Ankara-Turkey
berk Ambassador for Istanbul-Turkey
Berk Karadeniz
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