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berk Berk
SDBP sports psychologist. Berk is himself a martial artist in the higher rank. 9 dan makes him know quite much about the Martial Art world.
Speaks English and Turkish
nihal Nihal
With Nihal you can get sports pedagogicl education. As you know, pedagogy does not automatically come with a black belt and may be good to have especially if you work with children groups in your dojo. Nihal is titled Doc.Dr at Turkish University and is expected to become professor in 2019 in her subject of educational psychology. Nihal has been practicing Martial Art since 2008 and wears a black belt in Nin Chi Godai and a brown in Ninjutsu.
Speaks English and Turkish
Jim has been an entrepreneur and martial artist for many years with his own organization. He can give you the basics of entrepreneurship.
Speaks English and Swedish
jorgen Jörgen
Jörgen is the one you turn to when you need a one on one martial art partner in general. He is, among other things, SDBP HR responsible colleague. You will also find him when it comes to design, web and marketing issues as well as in the SDBP "Fadder" system. Jörgen is also an experienced martial artist and started his career in 1975. He holds a number of black belts from 4 to 10 dan.
Speaks English and Swedish
Ruhi is a licensed specialist physician and can help with medical issues online. He is also black belt graded in Aikido and understands typical martial art injuries.
Speaks English, Turkish and Swedish
magnus Magnus
With Magnus you can learn the basics of accounting and business economics, which Magnus teaches at Örebro University in Sweden. His academic title is Doc.Dr.
Like the rest, Magnus has a long experience of Martial Art.
Magnus speaks English and Swedish.
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