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Urban Combat Hapkido Federation
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Founded by Magnus Degeus and Andreas Olofsson together in 1996. The federation was created at the same time as the two gentlem had their new style Urban Combat Hapkido developed and documented. After that Magnus Degeus past away during 2019 the federation has been reorganized. From 2019 according to Andreas Olofsson who is the present president of the federation board the following is todays organisation.
1. President = Andreas Olofsson, Sweden
2. Vice President, Grandmaster and International Chiefinstructor for the style Urban Combat Hapkido is Grandmaster Roger Larsson, Sweden.
Headquarter= Kristianstad-Sweden
Official website

Federation Martial Art Center Europe
Closed down from 2019 and merged up with Dominus Bellator Pretorium

Mu Te Jinen Ryu
MTJR created by Soke Bo Munthe in 1977, Stockholm-Sweden. From the date Soke Munthe past away during 2018 the school was given to Niday Soke Magnus Hansson, Örebro-Sweden
Official website:

Ronin Ryu Dojo International
Founded by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg in Gothenburg-Sweden 2004. Exist in Sweden and Turkey.
Shodai Soke Jörgen Lindberg
Niday Soke Serdar Kaleli
Chiefinstructor Turkey, Kyoshi Berk Karadeniz
Member in Goshinjutsu International
Official website:

Kaizen Ryu Combat
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Kaizen Ryu Combat created by Grandmaster Jim Kamen. Kristianstad-Sweden
Official Website:

Goshinjutsu International
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GJI was created by Soke Bo Muunthe and Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg together in Stockholm 2017. Since Soke Bo Munthe past way during August 2018, Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg became president for the organisation. Vice President is Hanshi Per Lindmark from Atari Goshinjutsu and Secretary is Niday Soke Magnus Hansson from Mu Te Jinen Ryu.
Official Website:

Atari Goshinjutsu Sweden
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Atari Goshinjutsu created by Hanshi Per Lindmark 2012 in Stockholm-Sweden.
Official Website:

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