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Societas Dominus Bellator Pretorium Service

Quality Certified Member.

Societas Dominus Bellator Pretorium
When you quality certifies you dojo your students and your students parents if you have underaged students knows that your dojo follows a quality standard. 

This standard includes sport pedagogic certified instructors, hygien in lookerrooms, hygien in showers and WC, ventilation, equipment hygien and standard, firesecurity, firstaid knowledge, socialarea, dojoshop, cafe, insurence and more.

How it works.
1. Become a member. The quality certification is valid as long as you are a member.
2. Order the certification in this official website and make the required payment to our PayPal partner, this is a one time cost.
3. A representativ from us will contact you for an appointment at your dojo.
4. 1-2 weeks after the apointment you will be given a certificate with 1-5 stars depending on your standard together with a quality patch to put on your dojo door. (10cm in diameter).
5. Your certificate has a unique number that your students will find on our official website.
6. From time to time we will show up at your dojo to follow up and to see if you need some advice or suggestion.

Style / Art Classified Member. 

Getting a style or development of a previous style that has by that become a new style is not the easiest.

Here, SDBP may be of your help. On request we look at the style you want classified as your own by visiting you, by video and the documentation you have done on your style, documentation is necessary. If SDBP approves your style, it will be registered with us, you will receive a style certificate that contains your style name, the founder's name and possibly designated persons who are the style principal (soke) or Grandmaster in the new art.
One time cost.
You need to be a member in SDBP

Certified Instructor Education
Sport pedagogik online education with a number of subjects that are vital for a modern martial art instructor to know.
10 hour online course

Personal Martial Art Fadder/Sponsor.

We have all been beginners regardless of the style we practice and over time we have hopefully gotten better and better. We have reached the dream belt and are maybe seriously thinking about opening our very own dojo.

Now we suddenly became a beginner again. Opening, organizing and getting students to dojo is a totally different thing than just training yourself. Marketing, accounting, leadership and educational skills were not included in the Black Belt diploma.

This is the time when it would have been good to have some experienced person to talk to, ask questions and get relevant advice and tips on what I need to think about and arrange.

This is why SDBP has created our "Martial Art Faddership". A sponsorship system where you book the time you think you need with one of our "MAF" persons. Simple dont you think, this way you will save both time and money.
a small cost by hour
You need to be a member in SDBP
Here you can find our signedup "Fadders/Support persons 

Accounting and financial advisory service

Our specialist in the subject (Docent Magnus Hansson) can teach you how to book your business in a simple way without having to spend hours and hours in order not to get in trouble with your local tax authorities.
A small cost by hour
You need to be a member in SDBP

Design-Marketing-Social Media Service

The number of martial arts practitioners has increased worldwide, which means that the competition for students is also increasing at the same rate. In collaboration with our designer you can get help with logos, website, posters, diplomas and other things that may be needed to be seen. Our member Jörgen Lindberg is the one we work with on these issues and at really good prices.
You need to be a member in SDBP

Register School/Ryu

Register your School/Ryu with us.
One time cost.
You need to be a member in SDBP

English speaking lessons

Have you envisioned an international career as a martial artist? Do you feel uncertain about your English in speech? SDBP can now also offer English speaking partners for you to practice your English.
A small cost by hour
You need to be a member in SDBP

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