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Recognized styles

On request federation SDBP  exame a persons/organisation claim to have created a new style. The person sends his/her argument, documentation and videos to us. SDBP also makes a personal visit to see and to try out the style in person. This person is choosen from one of our board members that seems closest to the art presented. If our style classifie board accept it as a new style the founder will get a Recognize Certificate from us.
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Recognized styles
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SDBP IDno : ST2019-01
Style/Art Name : Nin Chi Godai
Founder Style/Art : Jörgen Lindberg
Founded Year : 2010
Dokumentation : Ja
Description : A Japanese form of Tai Chi if you like. The art is based on the classic Ninjutsu kataforms in combination with chakra balancing and Reiki self-healing. Everything built into the same system. Developed in the mountains around Kastamonu in Turkey between the years 2008-2010.

The style has full documentation and already has some qualified instructors.

Lindberg developed the art in consultation with his wife Nihal, who is an educational psychologist.
Official Website :