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SDBP Fadder/Sponsor System

fadder Here you will find the members that has signup to act as "Fadders" in our support system för Martial Artists , dojos and organisations.
You need to be a member to reach your assigned fadder/sponsor. Your membership includes 5 hour supporttime with your sponsor.
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jorgen Soke Jörgen Lindberg
Ronin Ryu Dojo International
Born 1960 in Sweden.
Started with Martial Art 1975.
Speaks English and Swedish.
Started Ronin Ryu Dojo 2004.
President an co/founder for Goshinjutsu International
magnus Soke Magnus Hansson
Mu Te Jinen Ryu
Born 1972 in Sweden.
Started with Martial Art xxxx
Speaks English and Swedish.
Inherited Mu Te Jinen Ryu 2018 after Soke Bo Munthe's passt away in August 2018.
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