Societas Dominus Bellator Pretorium

quia sui ipsius defensione et securitate


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About Us

tshirttryck1 kopia Societas Dominus Bellator Pretorium is the ultimate organisation to join up to for Dojo's, studios and sportcenters that in someway are involved in any kind of Martial Arts or Self defence.

Dominus Bellator that means "Master Warrior" is an international society that offer support, start up advice, design help, education programs and other kind of service for our members. The latin word "Pretorium" stand for strategic center.

We consist of a number of different sections.
1. Main Board.
2. Education section.
3. Quality assurance section.
4. Media and marketing section.
5. Style classification section.
6. MSDS section.

Societas Dominus Bellator Pretorium "SDBP" are also proud to presents our own developed self defence system "MSD" Mixta Sui Ipsius Defensione or Mixed Self Defence if you like.

MSD includes the best and most effective self defence techniques that we took from Ninjutsu, Jijutsu, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Aikido, Goshinjutsu, Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, Wrestling, Bojutsu, Judo and MMA. This makes the system superior and ultimate in terms of defence. However, self defence is much more then just techniques, it is about attitude, focus prevent thinking and awearness. MSD is all this in one package.

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